Asset Management

The experts at CES Group use the MMaint software solutions from CARL Software in order to manage all CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) and Asset Management needs. The MMaint database allows you to group all the technical, financial and logistical data of your assets.

It also allows you to describe, qualify, plan, schedule, budget and account maintenance activities whether preventive, corrective or other (rehabilitation/replacement). It also retains a history of actions and changes to the equipment. In addition, it tracks the life cycle and condition of the asset, and thus has easily available, evidence-based information that is useful for making appropriate decisions for the management and maintenance of assets.

The structure of the database allows for hierachization of information that can be customized to the organization’s methods of operation. This hierachization allows you to group assets by system and use a coding system adapted specifically to your company or one based on UNIFORMAT II standard for buildings. The scalable range of MMaint software solutions comprises of three programs: Micro Maint, Mini Maint and Maxi Maint.

The appropriate software to use depends on the specific needs of the client. The functions of each software solution are described in the product comparison table. These solutions are easy to implement, simple to learn, user-friendly, and are particularly reliable and affordable. The same simplicity applies to the ability to add options or to transfer from one solution to another.

We came to this conclusion after a detailed analysis of the available solutions on the market involving testing and careful evaluation of their capabilities.
The experts at CES Group are able to:

  • Analyze your situation and coach you how to integrate the solution into your maintenance procedures
  • Implement the software and the database
  • Train and advise users
  • Provide first line technical support
MMaint solutions can be used with Firebird (open source database), Microsoft SQL or Oracle. The solution is both Client/Server and WEB based MMaint solutions have been proven successful in various business sectors.