Micro Maint

Highly economical & Very Complete

Micro Maint supports your first steps in computerizing your maintenance activity. In the future, and without limitation, you can evolve to other software in the MMaint range.

Inventory and classification of equipment

  • Inventory your equipment in a tree structure, unlimited in the number of levels and modifiable in time
  • Associate all accounting and technical information to each piece of equipment using fields, dropdown lists, meters, free zones and associated files
  • Rapidly access the parts list, interventions and equipment preventive work
  • Find your equipment through any criterion using a quick search button

Service request (SR) management

  • Create service requests through an input mask and pre-entered library of key words.
  • Process all requests from an interactive screen
  • inform the requester of the progress of the request (via color code and email)
  • Generate, in one single click, one or several work orders from the service request

Work order (WO) management

  • Trigger and display work orders (WOs) via equipment sheets
  • Easily schedule interventions to be done by reserving the necessary resources: spare parts, technicians, or tools
  • Instantly display work to be done via the workload plan
  • Draft rapid and simplified work reports (comments, associated files, intervention dates and times, stoppage time, cost)
  • Keep and access the history of completed work.

Automatic preventive management

  • Specify the work to be done and necessary resources for various types of interventions.
  • Automatically schedule work by choosing the appropriate triggers (periodic, aperiodic or metered threshold)
  • Automatically generate WOs resulting from preventive jobs
  • Assign preventive work to several pieces of equipment using a model preventive job

Spare parts stock management

  • Consult the full list of articles, in stock or not, needed for interventions
  • Access the technical features of the part and its management settings (quantity, family, PUMP, supplier, storage location and unit.)
  • Define procurement thresholds and avoid stock shortages
  • Automatically enrich the equipment parts list

Analyses and management charts

  • Visualize analyses accessible from any level of the tree structure and display maintenance cost breakdowns per equipment or equipment branch (number of interventions, hours, etc.)
  • Monitor and manage your data using the 50 pre-set analyses and create your reports in just a few clicks

The benefits of Micro Maint

  • Simple and rapid implementation
  • Intuitive familiarization that is ideal for initial computerization of your maintenance activity
  • Available in 14 languages

Options available for increased potential

Programming actions

  • Launch your data imports and exports from a configurable SQL query editor
  • Inform users of certain events by email or directly from alert messages

Local intervention request module

  • Local access from any terminal in the network in order to input and monitor service requests

Supervision Interface

  • Use the value import function from a centralized technical management system

Micro Maint functionalities available

WEB solution
SR, WO functions and analyses become accessible via a web browser

All in-the-field actions can be taken from a toughened professional PDA with touch screen fitted with a barcode scanner. Access service requests, work orders, reports, stock exits, order receptions, inventories, measurement and meter taking, equipment movement functions

Scan Pal
Conduct inventories, stock movements and inspection routes from a barcode scanner

Scanned WO
Digitize paper format work orders thanks to a scanner and retrieve information automatically without having to repeat input in Micro Maint