From overall building portfolio performance tracking to detailed systems analysis, EcoCEO facilitates a variety of processes and roles within the Facilities and Energy Management industries.

Operations Managers – Utility Cost Control

As an Operations Manager, your key concern is the cost effective operation and maintenance of your building portfolio. Using EcoCEO, quickly summarize portfolio utility costs for a day, month, or year and track cost performance over time. Display and report on utility cost performance and cost savings and identify your high and low cost facilities. Investigate performance issues with building sub-systems by drilling down to system and plant performance summaries.

Utility Conservation Program Managers – Return-on-Investment

As a Program Manager of a Utility-sponsored incentive program for energy conservation, your key concern is verifying with minimal uncertainty the avoided energy and demand that results from your conservation program. Using EcoCEO, measure energy and demand savings for 10 buildings or 10,000, and use the result to determine your conservation program cost performance in $/kWh or $/kW. Sort through facilities by region, client, or building type and compare normalized energy consumption, emissions and utility costs.

Energy Managers – Energy and Emissions Tracking

As an Energy Manager of a portfolio of buildings and facilities, your key concern is the on-going reduction in energy consumption, energy cost, and energy-related emissions. Using EcoCEO, benchmark portfolio energy, cost and emissions performance against national averages and historical baselines. Accurately measure energy management program savings and compare and contrast facility trends and performance characteristics.

Building Operators – Equipment and Systems Performance Issues

As a Building Operator, your key concern is the trouble-free operation of equipment and systems and the comfort of building occupants. Using EcoCEO, identify underlying operational issues through complete historical archives of systems operations and flexible presentation tools. Browse through summary pages of systems and equipment inventories and use straightforward performance indicators to understand operational behaviour and characteristics.

Engineering Consultants – Optimization Opportunities and Design

As an engineering consultant providing energy management or retrofit design services, your key concern is the detailed understanding of building operations at a fine level of detail. Collect and analyze unlimited operational data for your purposes, and use standard and custom-defined performance metrics to assess conservation opportunities. Identify system peak loads and part-load curves to design appropriate and effective retrofit solutions.

EcoCEO is offered as specific standard applications tailored to specific needs and requirements (see the PRODUCTS section for more details), and also facilitates custom-designed solutions. The common elements of these applications that allow for advanced yet accessible energy and operations analysis include:

  • Real-time energy and operational monitoring and alerting;
  • Benchmarking against standards, historical performance or simulated conditions;
  • Breakdowns of utility consumption, costs and energy end-uses;
  • Statistical modelling for flexible benchmark creation;
  • Sortable inventories of buildings, utility services, meters, systems, plants, and equipment;
  • Graphical data presentations including trend-logs, control charts, scatter-plots, cumulative sums, histograms and bin data;
  • Whole building analytics including energy, cost, and emission intensities, and energy profiles;
  • Whole building analytics including energy, cost, and emission intensities, and energy profiles;
  • Systems analytics including efficiencies, run-times and operating condition summaries;
  • Performance forecasting and what-if analysis;
  • Custom reporting, modelling and module programming;
  • Integration with external data sources include energy models and weather stations;