The foundation of EcoCEO is a highly flexible data management and visualization, mathematical calculation and building automation communications system.
Specific EcoCEO applications are supported through the distinguishing features of the EcoCEO core services which include:

  • Availability as a web-based service or stand-alone turn-key solution;
  • Capability of collecting, storing and analyzing practically unlimited amounts of data (>200,000,000 discrete data points per building, per year);
  • Capability of handling thousands of sites around the world;
  • Continual functional updates without impacting existing functionality;
  • The use of standard building automation communication protocols such as BACnet, MODBUS, and LonWorks, to connect to central DDC systems and field devices such as smart meters and HVAC equipment controllers;
  • Modular, object-oriented design that allows for custom designed solutions tailored to client needs and unlimited expansion and elaboration;
  • Secure role-based and resource-based user access, including building operators, energy managers, and engineers;
  • Secure communication protocols for data collection and transfer;
  • Open architecture that supports virtually any energy management effort or alarm strategies;
  • Contains a standard Application Programming Interface (API) that allows advanced users to configure and define custom energy and performance models;
  • Diverse reporting methodologies including – run-time and historical performance summaries, performance and fault alerts, and user defined ad-hoc reports;
  • Capability of accessing third party information systems (e.g. weather stations) to collect energy consumption influencing factors such as ambient outdoor temperature, wind, and humidity;
  • An extensive set of format and database drivers that provide seamless integration of information collected by third party energy management systems and loggers;
  • The latest in web browser and user interface techniques to produce interactive graphs and reports;
  • Data acquisition hosted on a network of computers located at the facilities, with cloud-based or local hosting options for EcoCEO applications;
  • System maintenance and control utilities responsible for the monitoring system health and integrity of data collection;
  • Data cleaning and interpolation methodologies for un-interrupted data time-series;
These features coalesce to provide highly flexible and scalable solutions, with an emphasis on buildings and facilities energy and operations management applications.