eco leed measurement and verification

EcoLEED-M&V is a more advanced version of the EcoTrack module that allows comparison of actual building performance against theoretical performance derived from a calibrated energy model. The use of well-placed sub-meters provides a full breakdown of building consumption by end-use. Compare end-use consumption with theoretical optimized consumption from the building design energy model. Determine accurate energy and cost savings for new construction projects from exceeding code minimum requirements.

Features include all capabilities of EcoTrack plus:

  • Full building energy, energy-cost and emissions breakdown by end-use – lighting, plug loads, cooling, heating, fans, pumps
  • Statistical benchmark modelling for any energy end-use for tracking end-use performance
  • Real-time end-use comparison with proposed and reference design energy models data
  • Measured energy, cost and emissions savings relative to ASHRAE 90.1 minimum requirements