eco quest

EcoQUEST represents a new level of BAS-integrated building performance management – a whole-building energy simulation that is calibrated based on historical BAS data. The simulation is auto-generated based on the initial software configuration, reducing modelling time to a minimum. Create ideal benchmarks of performance based on your building’s actual operating performance and capabilities. Estimate changes in energy, demand, and cost in advance by manipulating model parameters. Determine the savings of hypothetical re-commissioning and retrofit projects. Estimate implementation costs and conduct life-cycle analysis to determine net present values and rates of return on conservation upgrades. EcoQUEST is under development and will be commercially available in late 2014.

Features include:

  • A complete whole-building simulation, calibrated to actual facility operating conditions and systems and equipment capacities and performance curves
  • Quick assessment of conservation measures including – equipment upgrades, systems modifications, optimized control sequences and demand-based controls
  • Creation of ideal benchmarks of facility performance based on modelled targets
  • Estimation of implementation costs of conservation measures
  • Life cycle analysis of conservation measures, based on standard assumptions of measure life-spans, including life cycle paybacks, net present values, and internal rates of return
  • Detailed guidelines and recommendations of operational best practices that provide a step-by-step process of assessing and optimizing your building or facility