Abbotsford Collegiate School

This project includes 90,000 ft2 expansions to the existing school area.

CES Engineering Ltd acting as a Commissioning Authority for this LEED Gold project is tasked to provide customized energy data collection and reporting (Energy Metering Information System - EMS). This project is currently in a construction phase.

The measuring and verification process for this project will comply with Option D from the 2006 International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) Volume III, concept and options for determining energy savings in new construction and with LEED EA Credit 5, Measurement and Verification requirements. The M&V process will monitor the following building systems and sub-systems:

  • Ground Source Loop Energy
  • Fluid Cooler Loop Energy
  • Water to Water heat pump energy and efficiencies
  • Heat recovery system energies
  • Outdoor air volumes
  • Main ventilation units air volumes
  • Electrical consumptions of main mechanical equipment
  • Building Gas consumption
  • Domestic water consumption
  • Domestic hot water energy
  • Total electrical power consumption
  • Separate consumption for lighting, mechanical and plug loads at the various power distribution centers and panels
  • All metering hardware will be connected to building DDC system

CES Engineering Ltd is tasked to provide the dedicated Energy Management Information System (EMIS) for this project. EMIS system will include the customized data acquisition system that continuously collects short term metering data via bacnet communication with building DDC system. The collected information will be uploaded for permanent storage to the off-site database server. Another customized energy software application will provide reports and summaries of energy consumptions, operation status and plant efficiencies from the metering point‘s databases.

CES Engineering is contracted to provide EMIS system for the first 12 (twelve) months of new building operation. The 12 months monitoring period will start after successful commissioning process. Regular monthly systems performances and energy reports will be issued to the Facility group for diagnostic, educational and O&M purposes.

At the end of 12 months monitoring period annual system function and energy report will be issued for comparison and calibration of the original design building energy model.