CES Engineering was retained by ESCO company to assist in validation of the energy savings generated from the high efficiency hot water boilers retrofit projects for five residential towers in Lower Mainland area. The retrofit projects consisted of the replacement of the existing hot water boilers and domestic gas water heaters with high efficiency condensing boilers. CES implemented comprehensive boiler plant performance monitoring system for each site. The performance monitoring system included permanent metering sensors, data acquisition system (DAS) and an Energy Management Information System (EMIS).

The projects metering sensors, which were logged to calculate thermal efficiency, included:

  • Natural gas mass-flow-meter installed at the gas pipe header serving all boilers
  • Supply water temperature sensor at the common supply header served by all boilers
  • Return water temperature sensors and flow sensors for the common boiler high-return
  • Common low-return, and common domestic hot water return
  • Boiler units start/stop signal, boiler isolation valve positions, circulation pumps start/stop signals and power consumptions